claudia augusta project

thousands of years lie between this project and the beginnings, when artists and craftsmen made their way across the alps for the first time. 

a sacrificial site from the bronze age, over 4500 years ago in the senales valley, testifies to the trade links between the mediterranean region and the balticum. nobly worked amber lay in the finailtal valley at 2400 m with sacrificial offerings from that time.

the claudia augusta project carries this tradition of wandering on. the via claudia augusta and via julia augusta, also known as the amber road, built by the romans around 60 a.c., connected the cultures of the mediterranean with those of the north (adria – donau – balticum). 

for more than ten years craftsmen have been working across the Kontinent, networking and organising events in the c.a. project based in south tyrol.

between the adriatic sea and the balticum, a network of schools and workshops has been established, with regular exchanges at competitions and seminars for apprentices and students in venice, laas, munich and kaliningrad, the old königsberg.

south tyrol lies at the centre of this artisan philosophy across the south and northeast of europe.

in collaboration with kaliningrad regional amber museum


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